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Berdan Technical Services

IT Consulting for your small business in Central NY


IT Consulting

  • There are many IT consultants in Central New York area, but we are different. Berdan Technical Services does not sell hardware or software packages: we assess and recommend, but we don’t make a profit on what we recommend. I have many years of technical experience, both as a developer and project leader, and can help you through the confusing and ever-changing maze of computer technology.

  • We understand Social Media and how to integrate your marketing in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest , Behance or several other sites.

  • Does your business have in-house expertise to:

  • Evaluate your current computer technology?

  • Propose changes that are efficient and economical?

  • Take your ideas and produce successful proposals from these ideas?

  • Install, configure and customize software packages?

  • Use Berdan Technical Services for unbiased advice as to what to buy and where to buy it.

  • Let us help you create specifications for your technical Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

  • We analyze the state of your current IT systems and balance that against your needs, being fully aware of cost constraints.

  • We assess your software, hardware and networks against your current and future needs.

  • If you have had software developed for your company, we can evaluate that software code for quality and security.

  • If you are considering buying new software, we can provide an evaluation of that software and how that software will or will not suit your business and budget.

  • We have a great deal of experience in developing and writing successful proposals. I can help you identify and solidify your ideas as well as writing them.

  • When purchasing new computer equipment, it is important to devise good, clear specifications. We can help you produce those specifications so that you end up with the technology and equipment that you need: no more, no less.

Open Source Software

  • Small businesses may find a significant advantage to using Open Source Software.  Open Source is community-developed and many diverse companies will develop modules that can be used as part of an open source project. We can install and configure this software for your small business and train your people in its use. Some examples of Open Source are:

    • Linux
    • Sugar CRM (a client relationship management package).
    • Open Office (a viable option to the MS Office Suite)
    • MySQL (a small, efficient, robust and free database management system).

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing gives your company the opportunity to communicate directly with your customers/clients/members to build brand loyalty and trust.
  • Your current customer list is your best option for sales, and email marketing is the most cost effective method to regularly communicate with them.
  • Email marketing is not only for commercial purposes, but also for intra-company broadcasts, organizations’ newsletters, educational communications and many others.
  • Emaiil messages can be fully customized.

Website Development

  • Berdan Technical Services are experts in website development. Our web site,, has all the information on this part of our business.
  • As part of the web development, we also provide consulting on accepting online sales in your business.

Technical Writing

What is technical writing?

Technical writing is a formal style of communication where technologies and related concepts are explained to users, both technical and non-technical. Our technical writing services include both new documents, updating existing documents, or editing services.

We put your ideas into words, in a clear, jargon-free style written for your defined audience.

  • Technical communications is an essential part of any project, and your project is not complete until the documentation is finished and is concise and understandable to your clients and customers.
  • Every word your business produces is an advertisement. Do these words accurately explain your business?
  • We take your ideas and put them into words.
  • We combine technical expertise with writing skills to produce successful documents.
  • We produce on budget, so you can predict your costs.
  • We produce on schedule, so you can plan on that.
  • When your staff is overloaded and deadlines approach, we can get your jobs done. And you don't have the expense of a new hire.
  • Let's face it: your technical staff probably hates to write. Let them do what they are good at and leave the writing to us.